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    Post  MrCataclysms Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:06 pm

    First off im just going to say that im best at Unity Development (putting together scenes, writing and fixing javascripts, ect.) but i also do a little Unity Animation (working with unity animator, for small things like making a cog rotate constantly or something) and blender animation (basic, i've made a few cool things, i'll email anyone who asks a demo project i made for this game. All it is is a Repair shop with a giant Gear sticking out of it that constantly rotates, has a robot in there and yeah, just put your email and i'll send it). So I'm willing to do anything to help, but since my strong suite is Dev, im going to fill out that form.

    Name:Adam Bruns
    Time Zone: CST
    Languages spoken and written: English
    Interests in games: deep interest, im either skateboarding with my girlfriend or playing/building games
    Why join our team: It's a team of pretty cool people that know what they're doing, they use Unity 3D (which i love) and seems like a legit group i can join Smile
    What do you find interesting in this game: All the aspects, i've always wanted a game that has both futuristic and mid evil features, and the fact that the game will be made with unity and put online, I only know one other thats online and made with unity.

    Language Coded:Javascript (unity Java only)
    What program you use to script:Unity included scripting
    Previous work: A couple games and lots of experiments i've done myself
    Portfolio(Show me what you can do and everything): I will put one together this week and Email to someone (tell me who)
    Other Info you want to tell us: I worked with Scar Divi for about a year, my first Code language learned, its like a less-strict java, has same aspects but no functions and is not case sensitive. Learned HTML this year in school, got a 98% in that class so yeah, very fun stuff their. Then learned Java in unity, I know its different from normal Java but its a hell of a lot of fun. I love being able to say, I want this to do this, and then being able to figure out how to do that myself.

    Posted on new site too, didnt know if you checked both or only one

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